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Flexible pipes for use with liquid gas - GPL

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Flexinox s.r.l. was started in 1982 as a small artisan business by Nicolino Dell’Angelo and Luisa Pecile, who wanted to autonomously concretise the experience made during many years of work in the field.

The activity initially opened on the Italian market and was later extended with the collaboration of large Italian and foreign firms; as time passed, this allowed the purchase of new equipment and the transfer in new and larger premises, more suitable for the new needs (a more efficient production system and a new way to administrate the stock, allowing swifter answers to the customers needs).

The firm produces flexible tubes that can stand to hot and cold water, low and medium pressure gas and gas-oil, internally made of EPDM based rubber that is externally covered with a metal plait. They can be used for many purposes: heating and conditioning plants, pumps and autoclaves, hydraulic and sanitary installations, water-heaters, shower boxes…

We invest to reach high standards of quality on items which conformity is guaranteed by controls done on the incoming materials, during the production and on the finished product, we also do all the needful to assure a reliable customer service, offering also an active collaboration with the customer to satisfy all his requests.

FLEXINOX srl - via F.Comelli, 40 - 33034 FAGAGNA - ITALY
Telephone: 0432.810308 - Fax:0432.801781